Montana Mountain Home

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This vacation home, in majestic Big Sky country, called for interiors that felt equally compelling and organic. Thus, we looked for materials, textures, furnishings, art, and objects that met the scale of each space and the primeval drama outside. Yet these rooms still called for comfort and seduction. We accomplished this with the humanizing touch of the handcrafted and warm, earthy hues pulled from the surrounding terrain. There is a harmonizing tension between rustic and refined throughout the home: petrified wood, iron, bronze, and leather play to the massive stone walls. Luxurious upholstery and embroidered curtain panels add warmth and comfort. A light fixture of clear glass trees creates ethereal contrast in the dining room. Whether our clients visit during the summer months or at the winter solstice, their mountain house at eight thousand feet beckons with a modern, open lifestyle in a landscape from the beginning of time.

ARCHITECT: Reid Smith Architects